Monday, November 19, 2012

John McAfee – Blinded By Money or Corrupted by Personal Demons

John McAfee – Blinded By Money or Corrupted by Personal Demons Money - it comes in different formats and is usually a coin or paper. For John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Antivirus Software, it was a fetish gone seriously wrong. Money the driving force behind the multimillion dollar antivirus software mogul which bears his own name, made irrational choices and lost his fortune in the blink of an eye. 

John McAfee, known for his strings of positions as a computer guru in the late eighties landed a position with Lockheed Martin to build software for the company. By the late 1990's, McAfee was already making a name for himself with the release of his mass market McAfee antivirus software. Originally handed out for free, McAfee began charging private sector individuals and companies a fee for continued use of his product. 

The money started pouring in with this venture. First, it was a new office; the one he had been using was based at his home in Santa Clarita, California. Moving into a bigger place, meant more money to spend, McAfee software began its journey to fame as villains on the outside were stopped from reaching valuable information on the inside. It took brains to build this type of software, but where did the common sense go? 

McAfee, still a prime product on today’s market only has one owner, the co-creator. John McAfee sold out his portion of the McAfee Antivirus company to seek out a new venture in finding cures with jungle plants. John McAfee liquidated his American holdings, including homes, toys and investments to bring his original wealth to a grinding halt at one hundred million dollars. 

Money should never be put into the hands of someone who does not understand how to best spend it. In John McAfee’s position, buying unneeded necessities was his ultimate ruin. John McAfee saw what others had, dream houses, nice cars and planes. When the money landed on his hands, his dreams to join the playboy world unfolded. 

Now on the run in Belize under suspicion of drug smuggling, manufacturing, engaging in underage sexual relationships and even wanted in connection of murder, John McAfee’s choices in life have knocked him down from the mighty McAfee Antivirus creator to a common man with impulsive tastes and wild decisions. There is one sure thought here, money has proven one thing and one thing only; it is the beast at the root of John McAfee’s problems. 

But is it responsible for creating the personal choices he has made over the years? Most of the time, people who make poor decisions based on the money they’ve made are consumed by personal demons or even suffer with common depression issues like bi-polar tendencies or severe depression. 

But in McAfee’s case, I’m leaning towards arrogance and greed as being the biggest factor in the personal decisions he has made over the years. And it is this greed that led him to develop an antivirus program that must now be questioned as being trustworthy and reliable. 

McAfee is a deceiver – plain and simple. And apparently he has conned us all over the years.


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